Export of used cars fromSouth Korea to any country in the world

ProCar will help you to buy a car at car auctions from S. Korea! We provide a full

range of services, warranties and draw up all the documentation on a turnkey basis

How we are working?

step 1

Contact us and we will take your auto pickup request

step 2

Search for cars on all resources and auctions in South Korea and calculate options

step 3

Agreeing the terms and conditions and signing the contract

step 4

A deposit of $1000 per vehicle is required

step 5

Live car inspection by an expert

step 6

Paying for the value of the car, expenses and services in Korea. Car buyback

step 7

Shipping the vehicle to your country

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Our advantages

Why ProCar?

ProCar has been exporting used and new cars from South Korea to any country in the world for more than 5 years. The experience allows us to buy cars from many segments of the Korean market, which increases our catalog of cars with quality positions for any goals

How to check a car

Vehicle inspections are carried out by our experts with many years of experience. Click on the tags to find out more.

Our Korean Partners

Here you can get acquainted with the Korean market and pricing.

What our clients say

For 5 years of our work thousands of cars have been picked up and delivered, and the main thing is that hundreds of customers are satisfied and recommend us!

How to buy a car from Korea?

Fill out an application or call the number +82-10-5800-76-75 and our experts will conduct a free consultation!

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